Sunday, 12 July 2009



Antonio Vélez Celemín



The course’s target is to initiate the student in the knowledge of the paper marbling technique using Irish moss in powder as thickener and water soluble paintings, both watercolors and gouaches.

After a brief introduction on the chemical structure involved in the process of marbling, the course goes into the explanation of each one of the three fundamental elements of this technique:

a) Composition of the size and its preparation.
b) Suitable colours (paintings).
c) Ox gall.

Once explained these elements and understood the practical course develops itself in two ways:

1st Training of the student to be able to marble with one range of colours: its preparation, the test, different ways of throwing them in the tray, ... and

2nd Achievement of the four basic designs of marbling using the prepared colours. Stones; Get-Gel; Nonpareil and Chevron. To the will of the student some variants could be realized on these models: swilrs, feathers, bouquet, and so on.

In addition to what’s described previously, along the course some notions will be teached on the treatment of the papers for its later use, on some special patterns: Spanish or double marbling… and they will be attended all doubts the student could have about any aspect of marbling.

The course is taking place in the teacher’s workshop in Tilo, 2 street, in Sevilla la Nueva, Madrid, Spain by means of individual education in one day of six hours lessons, in schedule agreed previously between teacher and student.


Economic conditions:

The price of the
individual paper marbling introductory course is 500,00 Euros.

In this price there are included all the materials to use in the course, staying of his property the papers that he/she paints, in format 43,5 x 32,5 cm., that,
once dry, will be sent by ordinarily mail to its address in Spain.

The student should have be provided only with a pledge that protects his/her wardrobe, an apron or a towel and he/she will be able to take notes and make photos, only for his/her particular use.


Request the available dates by mail to: